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TableToyz and Kidzsmart produce childrens custom coloring books and kids activity books for entertainment, education and promotion.

We specialize in the design, production and publishing of kids custom coloring books, custom activity books, kids magazines, kids comic books, newspapers, newsletters - in fact, any printed medium used to communicate a message or entertain young people. What about? Everything! From teaching them the value of brushing their teeth to keeping them happily occupied in a restaurant.

We develop products to target multiple age groups, for example in a restaurant when one product must entertain kids from 3 to 12. We can also target a single age group, as in a junior high school when a particular health or safety concern must be communicated.

We particularly focus on kids programs in the foodservice industry!

When the family dines out, who are the prime influencers of where to eat? Of course, the kids! In an increasingly competitive market, custom coloring books and activity books are one of the best ways to communicate your message. A well thought out activity book program, combined with other complimentary kids promotional items, will outperform most kids premiums.

Restaurant activity books are built with the goal of keeping kids from 3-12 seated and occupied, with very simple images and games for younger ones and challenging games and puzzles for older children.

Each kid's coloring book or activity book is custom built. It can include your kids menu, promote your website, Kid's Club, birthday program, contests, bounceback coupons, etc. Books come in every shape, size and paper quality, from mini-magazines to comic books - a very versatile medium.

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